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Deeper Minings: A Closer Look at Broncos-Vikings

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011


The statline doesn't show it, but Tim Tebow was awful against the Vikings.

Tim Tebow has put up some horrendous statlines over the course of the defense-driven winning streak the Broncos have been on. He has looked dreadful for most of those games. The critics have watched his play and criticized him harshly. The Tebow cheerleaders have ignored it and pointed to the scoreboard at the end of each game. On Sunday, against Minnesota, he finally put up a statline that made the critics turn and admit Tebow had a good game. The tape tells a different story. Against Minnesota, Tebow completed over half of his passes. He threw for 200 yards. But at no point during that game did he resemble a starting NFL quarterback. (more…)

Deeper Minings: A Closer Look at Raiders-Vikings

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Carson Palmer suddenly looks good in silver and black.

We know the Raiders can run the ball. They’ve done it all year. They definitely did it on Sunday. Without their star running back and against a good Viking run defense, the hodgepodge of ballcarriers Oakland used got the job done. Michael Bush received the bulk of the carries and he scored and hit the century mark. Fullback Marcel Reese grabbed another 45 yards on his 6 carries. Against a Viking defense that knew they were going to continue to run out their lead, that is certainly good enough. (more…)

Mondays Minings: A Fantasy-Minded Review of All the Week Seven Action

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Without Percy Harvin, Christian Ponder was left out to dry against the Packers.


It’s hard to predict the long-term success of rookie QB Christian Ponder, simply because of the extreme dearth of passing targets he has available. His best weapon, Percy Harvin came off the field after a single catch against Green Bay. On the other hand, it’s easy to predict his short-term fantasy football value, and that is little to none. He has no weapons. Michael Jenkins found the holes in the Green Bay secondary that have been so exploitable this year, and Ponder found him in those wide open spaces. But those holes aren’t going to be there against everyone. Jenkins is not likely to repeat his 111-yard performance. So who does that leave for Ponder? (more…)

2011 NFL Draft Fantasy Football Losers

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Adrian Peterson stands to face stiff fronts next season

Now we come to the portion of our production that provides grief. Where fans read simply with the hopes of not seeing their team name mentioned among these lines. The implications that can result from how a team conducts their draft can be immense, not only to the team itself but to your fantasy football squad as well. Some players gained some valuable help out there while others were hung out to dry. Here are five fantasy losers from the NFL Draft.