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Fantasy Football: One-year Wonders

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

We’ve all seen it time and time again; the breakout star of the fantasy football season that turns cellar dwellers into fantasy football champions. Then in the following year, that nice little surprise from the previous season is drafted overly high and is expected to carry the workload of the entire team. However, it turns out that player isn’t all he’s cracked up to be and your team goes from hopeful to hopeless. It’s very easy to get sucked into the one-year wonder crowd that focuses primarily on the upside of a player instead of the potential slide in production. The following are a few players who are the most susceptible to the one-year wonder bug and could transform your weekly fantasy football aspirations into a season a mediocrity.


PEYTON HILLIS- Yes, the big fella from Cleveland did have a monstrous 2010 season where he rushed for 1177 yards, caught 61 balls for 477 yards and scored 13 total touchdowns. However, he doesn’t have the element of surprise anymore and defenses surely know that they can stack the box against the Browns. With basically nothing in the cupboard as far as receivers, defenses can hone in on Hillis the entire season and make him work for every yard. Furthermore, with his style of running, Hillis is liable to either get hurt or slow down tremendously as the season rolls along. In his last five games in 2010, Hillis rushed for over 100 yards only once and didn’t score a single touchdown. He may jump out to another fine start in 2011 but when it comes down to brass tacks in the fantasy football playoffs, he could be too beat up to contribute (add Madden curse reference here).


BRANDON LLOYD- In his seventh NFL season, Lloyd stunned fantasy football owners by leading the NFL in receiving yards with 1448 yards off of 77 receptions and 11 touchdowns to boot. While Lloyd was a fun story, it’s almost silly to think that he can replicate such numbers in 2011. Does anyone remember Brandon Lloyd before 2010? He was a journeyman receiver who got booted from not-so-stellar receiving cores like San Fran, Washington and Chicago. His best statistical season prior to last year was in 2005 when he caught 48 balls for 733 yards and 5 touchdowns for the 49ers. Now all of a sudden, the 30-year old has an average draft position (ADP) of 47 in most 10-team leagues. Add in the ever-growing drama around the QB situation in Denver and you have nothing but a guy that looks great on paper but is average on the football field. (more…)

2011 Fantasy Busts – Every Buccaneer

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Josh Freeman could fumble away your 2011 fantasy season.

You didn’t plan on it, but it happened. Maybe you pulled the trigger on Aaron Rodgers in the first round. Maybe you went WR-WR to start your draft. However you got there, you found yourself looking at LeGarrette Blount in the third round. “Hey, he was at the top of the board,” you rationalized. And there weren’t a receiver that stood out at all. In any case you needed a running back bad. So you picked Blount. Two months from now, you will look back at that moment as the one that sank your 2011 fantasy football season. (more…)

2011 Draft Busts – Carolina Running Backs

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

DeAngelo Williams will take down your 2011 fantasy season.

It seems as if every expert is saying not to draft Carolina running backs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. For some reason, no one is listening. They are still been drafted way ahead of where they should be. So I will continue to beat the rotting corpse of what once was a horse. This team is not good. This offense is not good. There are not nearly enough points to go around for both of them to be feasible fantasy football options. There really aren’t enough points to justify drafting Williams where he is now if he was the only back on the team. Unfortunately for him, and for those who draft him, there are three ballcarriers on this team. There are no more overrated players in this year’s fantasy draft than Carolina’s running backs. (more…)