Salary Cap Fantasy Football

Just like with all the other types of fantasy football leagues and games out there, Fantasy Football Sportal tries to stay on top of all the Salary Cap games that are on the web.

Salary Cap games are unique and allow the fantasy user to both play a short duration fantasy game, while also picking fantasy football players based off a pre-designated salaries. The pre-designated salaries are based on that players performance. The top salaries will be fantasy football studs like Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning. The higher the salary, the better the player.

These games have a “salary cap” to stay under. Your team must be under that designated number in order to be eligible for that week. Fantasy football does a great job at making you a General Manager, Salary Cap Fantasy Football makes that job a bit more challenging.

For all Salary Cap games and updates, check back here at FFS:

Fantazzle Fantasy Football

Fantazzle has weekly Salary Cap games, Season Long salary cap games, and a special Sunday SuperStakes Salary Cap game for fantasy football.

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