Ray Rice vs. LeSean McCoy: Who’s the Better Fantasy Football Pick for 2012?

Ray Rice vs. LeSean McCoy: Who's the Better Fantasy Football Pick for 2012?While the consensus is that Arian Foster should be the first over pick in fantasy football for 2012 (though some disagree), there is great debate about who should after him. The two main contenders are Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy. Two very similar backs, but when your on the clock during your fantasy football draft who do you take? That’s what were here to find out.

In 2011 Rice and McCoy were the cream of the crop at the running back position finishing 1-2 in total fantasy points. Though it won’t surprise you that Rice finished ahead of McCoy in PPR leagues, he was also better in standard leagues as well. Rice was yardage beast finishing with over 2,000 total yards while McCoy was a touchdown machine finding pay-dirt 20 times.

As a general rule, I always say don’t chase touchdowns because they’re so unpredictable. Would it really surprise anyone if McCoy finished with 12 TDs in 2012? While the same could be said about Rice who scored 15TDs himself, McCoy has more competition for his touchdowns.

Michael Vick had only one rushing TD last year, which you have to believe will go up this season. Outside of McCoy, all of the Eagles skill guys (Vick, Maclin, DeSean) had down seasons last year. If they rebound that could put a dent in McCoy’s value. Coach Andy Reid even admitted he overplayed McCoy last season.

That’s not to say Rice doesn’t have his concerns. He just signed a big contract in the offseason (though ditto for McCoy). He has touched the ball a ton the past few seasons, so there are questions about whether or not he can handle another 300+ touches workload.

Though what I keep coming back to is how remarkably consistent Rice has been. Over the past three years Rice has averaged over 1300 rushing yards, 650 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns. When I’m picking high in my fantasy football draft, I want safety and that’s what Rice provides so he’s my pick over McCoy.

Verdict: Ray Rice

If I came off sounding harsh about still McCoy, I still think he’s a great pick and I have him in my Top 5, but when deciding between two players you have to nitpick.

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