Fantasy Football Strategy 2012: 5 Do’s

Here are five things to do when preparing for your fantasy football draft and then during the draft itself. Following these fantasy football tips will have you headed in the right direction and give you an advantage against your opponents.

Fantasy Football Strategy: Follow these 5 tips1. DO … Know Your League Settings

This may sound fairly obvious (and it is) but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t follow this rule. For instance, I’ve been in a PPR league for a few years now and guys in the league still load up of running backs early and let backs like Reggie Bush or receivers like Wes Welker slip, not realizing their increased value in PPR leagues.

Whether it’s a PPR league, a league where you start two quarterbacks or some other variation, check your league settings before you draft. You may be surprised and find out something you didn’t know previously which will come in handy on draft day.

2. DO … Come Prepared for your Draft

Again this is as obvious as it gets but still many people don’t. They forgot about the draft and tried to print out rankings at the last minute, but their printer broke so now they have nothing and are asking the guys sitting next to them to share rankings.

I’ve seen this guy, and trust me you don’t want to be him. So do yourself a favor and a week before, or however long you want, start getting your materials together. You can make your own cheat sheet or use one from another website. If you don’t make your own, I recommend making a spreadsheet with rankings from a few sites so it’s more balanced.

3. DO … Mock Drafts Before your Actual Draft

This is something the casual fantasy player probably won’t do, but it can be extremely valuable. Different websites such as ESPN and Yahoo have free mock drafts running all the time, and all you do is click to join and they e-mail you the results after its finished.

In these mock drafts, you can test out different draft strategies such as taking two receivers in the first two rounds, taking a quarterback early or whatever you want. By testing out these strategies, you can get an idea of how your team will turn out before hand, and then you can decide if you want to go that route during your real draft. You can also pick your draft position so if you know what number you’re drafting before the actual draft, I would definitely participate in a mock draft to see how your team could turn out.

4. DO … Draft for Upside Late

The later rounds of your fantasy draft can make or break your team. Everyone knows the top players but what really separates the pack are the late-round selections. If you hit on a couple of these picks you will be in great position in your league.

Now the question becomes who to take with these picks. Most of the guys left at the end of the draft are either established veterans on the downside of their career or young, unproven guys with upside. When deciding between these two kinds of players, I recommend going with the upside guys. With your first couple bench spots go with some proven guys so you have some stability but, for instance, in the last few rounds when deciding between Jabar Gaffney (veteran) and Randall Cobb (upside) I would go Cobb. These upside guys can put your team over the top while the veterans will likely not do much for your squad.

5. DO … Know your League Members

This rule may not apply for everyone because many of you will be drafting in online league where you know nobody or you got into a league via a friend and don’t know anybody else. But for the rest of you, especially those in leagues where the guys have known each other forever, this can be key.

If you know these guys for years you know their tendencies. You might know that one guy also likes to grab his quarterback late, or another guy likes to load up on running backs, or a guy is a huge homer, or another guy drafts straight from Matthew Berry’s rankings. There are tons of different types of these guys, and they exist in every league. If you know a guy’s tendencies, you can use them to your advantage. Also, these aren’t limited just to how people draft. A few suggestions are: bring a few 6-packs to the draft, a couple of adult magazines, or that day’s sports line. It’s a guarantee that at least one guy will be off his game, making it easier for you.

Employ these fantasy football draft strategies and you’ll be one step closer to fantasy glory. Look out tomorrow for our 5 mistakes to avoid.


Check out this website for more strategies and tips on a whole new game of fun and skill. Do you have the balls for it?

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