Deeper Minings: A Closer Look at Dolphins-Broncos

Tim Tebow did little against Miami to warrant a pickup.

First, let’s take on the Tebow thing. The Denver quarterback is not a rookie anymore, and has played in a handful of games. There is no reason to excuse some of the worst quarterback play seen on a professional level. Tebow, against a defense that will give him more than most rarely looked downfield. That might be a good thing for the Broncos because the downfield passes he did throw were horrendously off-target. He held on to the ball for far too long and a moderately capable of defense would have sacked him a dozen times. If you’re picking a quarterback, for your fantasy team or for a real team, you would like one that produces more than four passing yards in the first three quarters.

There is a myth that Tim Tebow is a winner, that he has a “clutch gene.” All of this was not on display on Sunday. What careful viewers saw, was a quarterback facing the absence of a pass rush, allowing more than enough time for a receiver to become open at a safe throwing distance, allowing Tebow to complete passes without doing things like “going through progressions,” or “timing routes.” Against a top-25 team, play like Tebow’s will put them so far behind after three quarters for the opponent to bother putting out the prevent. Tebow’s subsequent failure will likely be the destructor of fantasy value for all of the Broncos. Demaryius Thomas caught a touchdown today but only garnered 27 yards. He can be dropped if you have him, as Tebow appears to be incapable of hitting receivers downfield. Willis McGahee had a decent game if you don’t count the fumble. The 76 yards he collected on 18 carries is mitigated by the opponent he faced today though, and Tebow’s broncos will be often too far behind to spend much time rushing.

I had thought that Tebow might be good for Knowshon Moreno, and thrice while backpedaling he did the exact pass I thought would be common: a blooper to a back near the line of scrimmage who could pick up yards after the catch. Unfortunately one of those went to fullback Spencer Larsen, capping Moreno’s total output at 38 total yards. Tebow looks to run too quickly under pressure though, casting doubt on the ability of any Bronco to be fantasy-noteworthy.

For the Dolphins, Matt Moore played decently enough, connecting on 22 of 33 passes even though his receivers didn’t help him out much. He isn’t starting in anything but the deepest of leagues though. Brandon Marshall continues to be a player catching 6 balls for 61 yards, but he needs to stop dropping passes to be a number one wideout. Both Dolphin running backs struggled: Daniel Thomas carried the ball 19 times for 53 yards, Reggie Bush 10 for 42. But if you’re starting one of them, given the quality of their team and work-sharing situation, you likely have bigger problems.

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