2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: 12 Teams, Standard Scoring

Tom Brady went 7th overall in my first fantasy football draft of the 2012 seasonI recently had my first fantasy football draft of the 2012 season. While doing mock drafts online are great they can’t fully prepare you for the surprises of a real “live” draft. For one, without any computer rankings in front of them you will see a lot more reaches and surprising picks. Also depending on where you live, you can usually expert at least one “homer” pick. The results are posted below with my commentary on the best pick, worst pick, and my own pick.

Before I get to the results I’ll give you an overview of the league:

  • 12 teams
  • No PPR
  • Pass TDs worth 6
  • Starting lineup: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR/RB, TE, K, D/ST (6 Bench)

Round 1

1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Drew Brees
3. Arian Foster
4. LeSean McCoy
5. Calvin Johnson
6. Ray Rice
7. Tom Brady
8. Ryan Matthews
9. Cam Newton
10. Larry Fitzgerald
11. Matthew Stafford
12. Matt Forte

Best Pick: Ray Rice- Rice is going in the Top 3 – and I’ve seen him go #1 – so to get him at #6 is an absolute steal. I was hoping he would fall to me, but I was more than fine with Brady.

Worst Pick: Larry Fitzgerald- It’s hard to find a truly bad pick in the first round so I’m nitpicking here. If this was a PPR league I would be fine with Fitz, but I would have gone RB here especially with guys like Chris Johnson, Darren McFadden and MJD on the board.

My Pick: With passing touchdowns worth 6 points, getting an elite quarterback is paramount so even though QB is deep I was thrilled to land Brady at #7. Seeing Newton and Stafford go later in the first round only confirmed my feelings on the selection.

Round 2

1. Andre Johnson
2. Chris Johnson
3. Rob Gronkowski
4. Maurice Jones-Drew
5. Trent Richardson
6. Darren McFadden
7. Michael Vick
8. Demarco Murray
9. Adrian Peterson
10. Marshawn Lynch
11. Greg Jennings
12. Wes Welker

Best Pick: Chris Johnson- Yes he’s coming off a down season, but for him to fall to the second round was a travesty. Don’t be surprised to see him finish as a Top 3 RB.

Worst Pick: Adrian Peterson- This was too early for Peterson. To draft him as your second best player and not know whether he will even play in the beginning of the season was a big risk. What makes the pick even worse was that he failed to get Toby Gerhart later (I snagged him just before he was going to).

My Pick: When McFadden fell to me, I was ecstatic. He was probably my third option at #7 so to get him in the second was a steal in my opinion. Now McFadden still has to stay healthy, but at this point every RB had questions and McFadden could finish as the top back if he does stay healthy.

Round 3

1. Victor Cruz
2. Michael Turner
3. Hakeem Nicks
4. Jimmy Graham
5. A.J. Green
6. Brandon Marshall
7. Jamaal Charles
8. Julio Jones
9. Roddy White
10. Steven Jackson
11. Jordy Nelson
12. Benjarvus Green-Ellis

Best Pick: Jimmy Graham-Graham went a full round after Gronkwoski! That’s great value for a guy who to many – including me – will be better than Gronkowski. He made up for that Adrian Peterson pick right here.

Worst Pick: Benjarvus Green-Ellis- My friend asked me during this round what I thought of Green-Ellis. I gave a coy answer trying not to reveal anything, but I never would have thought he was going to take him there. If I had known, I would have tried to warn him.

My Pick: While Charles carries some risk, in the middle of the third round I thought he was well worth the pick. He’s had almost a full year to recover from a torn ACL and this isn’t the first time he’s had to share carries with another back. I’m loving my 1-2 punch at RB. Yes it’s a bit risky, but nobody would be surprised if both of them finished in the Top 5 at RB this season.

Round 4

1. Dez Bryant
2. Steve Smith
3. Tony Romo
4. Fred Jackson
5. Mike Wallace
6. Percy Harvin
7. Doug Martin
8. Eli Manning
9. Dwayne Bowe
10. Ahmad Bradshaw
11. Frank Gore
12. Darren Sproles

Best Pick: Darren Sproles- I almost took Sproles myself, but I didn’t want to go four rounds without a receiver. While he’s not a monster in this league like he is PRR leagues, he is a rock solid RB2 and score more touchdowns than you think.

Worst Pick: Frank Gore- I think Gore is done and I think the 49ers believe so to. Why else would they draft LaMichael James in the second round and sign Brandon Jacobs while also having Kendall Hunter. They also added weapons in the passing game. It appears the 49ers don’t think Gore can hold up for a full season.

My Pick: At this point I knew I couldn’t wait any longer and needed to grab a receiver. My love for Percy has been well documented and there wasn’t any other receiver who I was crazy about at this pick. This one was an easy one for me.

Round 5

1. Marques Colston
2. Brandon Lloyd
3. Miles Austin
4. Peyton Manning
5. Shonn Greene
6. Antonio Brown
7. Jeremy Maclin
8. Philip Rivers
9. Jason Witten
10. Eric Decker
11. Antonio Gates
12. Matt Ryan

Round 6

1. Vernon Davis
2. San Francisco 49ers
3. DeSean Jackson
4. Demariyus Thomas
5. Santonio Holmes
6. Aaron Hernandez
7. Jermichael Finely
8. Vincent Jackson
9. Reggie Bush
10. Stevie Johnson
11. Tony Gonzalez
12. Roy Helu

Best Pick: Demariyus Thomas- I’m certainly not his biggest fan, but this was great value for him. He went after his teammate Eric Decker in a non-PPR league and at this point in the draft he has tremendous upside.

Worst Pick: Tony Gonzalez- Gonzalez is a fine low-end option, but he went in the same round as Vernon Davis, Aaron Hernandez and Jermichael Finley. He’s no where near the same level as those guys. He’s going to lose targets to Julio Jones and Jacquizz Rodgers and he doesn’t score as many touchdowns as he used to.

My Picks:
Round 5- To round out my receiver corps I nabbed Maclin, another guy who I’m high on. He’s looked great in the offseason and could be primed for a breakout season. Maclin and Harvin aren’t the best receiver duo in this league, but by season’s end they very well could be.

Round 6- I was floored when Hernandez was still there when I was up. I was planning to take either a RB/WR for my flex spot, but I couldn’t pass on Hernandez. That’s great value for him and I also got to pair him with Brady.

Round 7

1. Isaac Redman
2. Beanie Wells
3. Robert Griffin III
4. Reggie Wayne
5. Willis McGahee
6. C.J. Spiller
7. Torrey Smith
8. Jacob Tamme
9. Mark Sanchez
10. James Starks
11. Kenny Britt
12. Anquan Boldin

Round 8

1. Jay Cutler
2. DeAngelo Williams
3. Denarius Moore
4. Sebastian Janikowski
5. Ben Roethlisberger
6. Stevan Ridley
7. Mark Ingram
8. Brandon Pettigrew
9. Houston Texans
10. Robert Meachem
11. Matt Schaub
12. Fred Davis

Best Pick: Fred Davis- I wasn’t in love with any of the picks in these two rounds, but Davis was a solid selection at the end of Round 8. I like him a lot more than Tony Gonzalez and he went two full rounds after him. Of any of the non-elite tight ends I think he has the best chance to take that leap.

Worst Pick: So many bad picks in these two rounds, it’s hard to just pick one. The same guy took both Sanchez and Janikowski and those were the worst two picks. There’s no excuse for those picks, but he took Sanchez because he’s a huge Jets fan and he took Janikowski because he as the same last name. There’s a guy like this in every draft.

My Picks:
Round 7- While I’m not as high on Smith as some, he’s still going to be the number one option in that passing game. loves to air it deep and the two showed a really nice connection last season that could be even deadlier th Flacco is year. He should be a solid flex starter for me.

Round 8- My third Patriot of the draft. As a Jets fan this killed me, but fantasy football is all business. I feel like I got some value with the pick and I can now switch between him and Smith at the flex, while also having a good option to bring off the bench in case one of my studs goes down.

Round 9

1. Jahvid Best
2. Malcolm Floyd
3. Peyton Hillis
4. Santana Moss
5. New York Jets
6. Michael Crabtree
7. Pierre Garcon
8. Jonathan Stewart
9. Baltimore Ravens
10. Donald Brown
11. Justin Blackmon
12. David Wilson

Round 10

1. Ryan Williams
2. Joe Flacco
3. Ben Tate
4. Sidney Rice
5. Darius Heyward-Bey
6. Toby Gerhart
7. Carson Palmer
8. Andy Dalton
9. Andrew Luck
10. Michael Bush
11. Chicago Bears
12. Shane Vereen

Best Pick: Darius Heyward-Bey- He showed last year he wasn’t a bust and I think he has a ton of upside. He went a full two rounds after his teammate Denarius Moore, and I would flip a coin between those two.

Worst Pick: Jahvid Best- Best is still not cleared for practice and it doesn’t look like he won’t be cleared at least for a few weeks, if at all. At this point, Best isn’t even worth a pick until the final round until he know more about his health status.

My Picks:
Round 9-He got severely overpaid and probably isn’t a true number one receiver, but in the 9th round as my fourth receiver you can’t really go wrong with Garcon. RGIII is a huge upgrade on the garbage that was throwing him the football last year and the two should connect on some deep plays.

Round 10- While I didn’t necessarily need Gerhart, I couldn’t pass him up at this value. He’s a sure bet for some stable production early in the season (and possibly beyond) and now I get hold the owner who took Adrian Peterson hostage.

Round 11

1. Laurent Robinson
2. Tim Tebow
3. Jermaine Gresham
4. Mike Tolbert
5. Owen Daniels
6. New York Giants
7. Mikel Leshoure
8. Philadelphia Eagles
9. Dustin Keller
10. Brent Celek
11. Daniel Thomas
12. Randy Moss

Round 12

1. Buffalo Bills
2. Evan Royster
3. David Akers
4. Matt Flynn
5. Greg Little
6. Titus Young
7. Nate Washington
8. Lance Moore
9. Colby Fleener
10. Jared Cook
11. Felix Jones
12. Pittsburgh Steelers

Best Pick: Randy Moss- At this point in the draft, why not? I was planning to take Moss with my next pick, so I was a little ticked off when he went. There’s no better lottery ticket this season than Randy Moss. He might flame out, but even if he does you’ll know right away whether he still has any gas in the tank and then you can drop him early.

Worst Pick: Mike Tolbert- I’m not high on either Jonathan Stewart or DeAngelo Williams, and same goes for the number three running back on the depth chart. Tolbert will see some action, but he shouldn’t be on any fantasy rosters unless an injury strikes the Panthers backfield.

My Picks:
Round 11- Another solid value. While I’m not particularly high on him, I’ve seen many experts that view him as the 7th or 8th round pick. I don’t think Jahvid Best is much of, if at all, a factor this year leaving Leshoure and injury prone Kevin Smith fighting for carries in a high octane offense.

Round 12- Back-to-back Lions. Young provides some great depth as well some upside this late in the draft. And if Calvin Johnson were to ever get injured, I might have struck the jackpot.

Round 13

1. Mike Williams
2. Kellen Winslow
3. Alex Smith
4. Tim Hightower
5. Jacoby Ford
6. Mason Crosby
7. Austin Collie
8. Stephen Hill
9. Nate Burleson
10. Detroit Lions
11. Nate Kaeding
12. Alshon Jeffrey

Round 14

1. Minnesota Vikings
2. Danny Amendola
3. Jake Locker
4. Chad Johnson
5. Rob Bironas
6. Green Bay Packers
7. Greg Olsen
8. Randall Cobb
9. Dallas Cowboys
10. Steven Gostowski
11. Robbie Gould
12. Mohamed Sanu

Best Pick: Randall Cobb- I was hoping to nab the deep sleeper with my final pick of the draft, but I was beaten to the punch by another owner. Cobb is one of my favorite late round guys and could tear it up if the gets the opportunity.

Worst Pick: Kellen Winslow- It’s hard to call someone a bad pick this late in the draft, but that exactly what Winslow was. If your going to take a backup tight end, you need to take one with upside and Winslow has non left. A guy like Kyle Rudolph would have been a much better pick.

My Picks:
Round 13- More of a flier pick. I think Andrew Luck will play better than people think and Collie has shown he has talent. He has major injury concerns, but in the 13th round who cares.

Round 14- I stuck to my plan and selected a defense/special teams in the second to last round. A lot of defenses went early in this draft, but I think I got one of the best and didn’t have to waste an early pick on one.

Round 15

1. Garrett Hartley
2. Seattle Seahawks
3. New England Patriots
4. James Jones
5. Billy Cundiff
6. Cincinnati Bengals
7. Dan Bailey
8. Brian Quick
9. LeGarrette Blount
10. Emmanuel Sanders
11. Mario Manningham
12. Matt Prater

Best Pick: Emmanuel Sanders- Solid value with one of the last picks in the draft. Sanders will at least man the slot for the Steelers, and with Mike Wallace currently holding he has some upside.

Worst Pick: It’s the last round! There are no bad picks.

My Pick: Nothing to say here, other than don’t draft a kicker before the last round!

My Final Roster

QB: T. Brady

RB: D. McFadden, J. Charles, S. Ridley, T. Gerhart, M. Leshoure

WR: P. Harvin, J. Maclin, T. Smith, P. Garcon, T. Young, A. Collie

TE: A. Hernandez

K: D. Bailey

D/ST: Green Bay Packers

So how do you think I did? Let me know in the comments section.

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