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Plain and simple, www.DraftCalc.com focuses on providing some of the boldest and most unconventional fantasy football information around. From rankings to bold predictions, from full-season and weekly projections to mock draft write-ups, DraftCalc.com truly understands what the typical fantasy football owner is looking for when it comes to fantasy football information gathering. And how about the quality of the advice? Even though it’s bold, it’s insanely accurate. No one is going to get every prediction right year after year, but not many, if any, land as many big-time breakouts as Smitty. What has Smitty landed over the 7 years that he has been in the fantasy football predicting business?

Smitty predicted the rises of Cam NewtonJimmy Graham and Victor Cruz as in 2012. And, it’s not like he just vaguely spoke about them once or twice, he actually had all three listed inside his Top 10 Bold Predictions for 2011… he also predicted the breakouts of bothArian Foster and LeSean McCoy in 2010, and again, we aren’t talking vague stuff… he called Foster a top 10RB and said he was his absolute #1 breakout candidate heading into 2010 (and he said this when Foster was a 4th-rounder). Ray Rice was his big-time land in 2009, and Michael and Maurice Jones-Drew were the home run picks of 2008. The list goes on and on, all the way back to calling Adrian Peterson a top 5 overall fantasy football dynasty player heading into his rookie season (before he played a single snap, and while so many were still calling this runner a big risk)… Still not convinced? Check out DraftCalc’s testimonials to back up the predictions spoken about above, and watch DraftCalc.com’s site intro video in order to hear, and watch, some of these predictions with your own eyes and ears.


DraftCalc Videohttp://draftcalc.com/about/

Smitty took home two different back-to-back expert league championships in 2011, and he has won over a dozen expert league titles since joining the industry in 2005, so he puts his money where his mouth is with some of these high-end predictions. He developed the first Player Trade Calculator in the fantasy football business (2005), and developed one of the industry’s first, if not the first, full-blown Fantasy Football Mock Draft Simulator (2005-2006).

Smitty is an innovator, and he launched his new innovation in April of 2012: http://www.draftcalc.com

DraftCalc.com’s fantasy football forums are one of the most active in the industry, and again, the site has only been up since April 2012… check the forums out right here:


Oh, and the best part? DraftCalc.com is free during all of 2012!

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