Super Bowl and Pro Bowl Fantasy Games and Predictions

super bowl fantasy footballThere might be no harder game to predict in sports then the NFL all-star game. Some players see this game as a three hour annoyance in a other wise great vacation, while others like say Brandon Marshal treat the game as a person showcase. After the terrible effort shown at last years Pro Bowl commissioner Rodger Goodell threatened to cancel the event due to a lack of effort shown by the players. If that wasn’t motivating enough seeing an old vet like Peyton Manning calling for a better game should rally the teams to put out a better effort. Here are my predictions for Pro-bowl MVP.

Pro Bowl MVP

If AFC wins: Peyton Manning
Did you know that Peyton manning holds the record for most interceptions thrown in Pro-Bowl history? Peyton knows it and he has been joking about it in the media all week. Although he jokes about his past poor performances he is the same person who asked the players to come out and play at “full speed” this Sunday. I expect Peyton to lead by example and play his best football Sunday. He has taken a lot of flak from the media since his first round exit and the Pro-bowl would be a great stage to get back in the media for something positive. Look for Peyton to carve up the San Fransisco 49er-less NFC defense.

If NFC wins: Adrian Peterson
The top three quarterbacks for the NFC side have all gone down with injury. That’s not to say that Drew Bree’s isn’t an incredible replacement but Adrian Peterson will look to carry the load to a Pro Bowl MVP and a cherry on top of his come back season.

Super Bowl MVP:

If you haven’t heard the coaches of the two opposing teams meeting next Sunday in the Super Bowl are brothers; but there’s no way you haven’t heard because that’s all anyone is talking about. What is lost in this match-up is that the old motto “Defense wins championships” is true again (at least in 2013). These two Super Bowl teams both shut out their opponents in the second half of last Sunday’s championship games. Look for a hard hitting old school Super Bowl. There’s a lot of ways the game could play out, but this is how I see the MVP’s shaking down.

If the Ravens win: Ray Lewis
Defensive players don’t win the Superbowl MVP! It almost never happens but Ray Lewis is one of only two players to win the award since 1997. Joe Flacco has enjoyed a nice run but no one will be underestimating him in this game and former quarterback turned defensive minded head coach, Jim Harbaugh, should have a defensive game plan that will make things hard on Joe when he walks on the field Sunday. The only way the Ravens win this game is through defense and if they do the award will go to their defensive leader and the heart of this team.

If the 49ers win: Colin Kaepernick
In a match-up of two great defenses and two great running games I think Colin Kaepernick is the one guy who can make the big play to win the game. I think Kaep runs all over this aging Ravens defense on his way to his first of multiple Super Bowl  MVP awards.

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Fantasy Football Pick’Em Super Bowl Edition:
If it’s the Super Bowl your into you can try the Super Bowl pick’em games. The games match up players from opposing teams and you just have to decide who will have the better fantasy game. Think Joe Flacco is going to outscore Colin Kaepernick? Have a feeling Randy Moss is going off for a big game? Or think Patrick Willis is going to rack up more tackles than Ray Lewis? If you can answer any of these questions come try the game at Fantazzle!

Additional Super Bowl Pick’Em Games Info:
If your looking for more creative bets and trust your knowledge on both basketball and football try this game. It works similar to regular pick em but you will be selecting players from the Super Bowl, Bobcats vs Heat and the Thunder vs Mavericks game. Not only will you pick the regular “Flacco vs Kaepernick” and “Lebron vs Durant” but there is also unique pick’ems like Serge Ibaka Blocks vs Ravens total TD’s. Fantazzle has two different starts times on Super Bowl Sunday – 1PM ET and 6:30PM ET.

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