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Fantazzles 2013 NFL Draft Pick’em

Are you missing football and fantasy football?  April 25th at 8pm ET the first round of the NFL Draft begins.  This is your chance to prepare for the upcoming fantasy football season by looking into teams’ needs and who the teams are picking to help them get one step closer to a Super Bowl.  Fantazzle, however, is going to give you the unique chance that other sites won’t give you.  Fantazzle has designed a fantasy football 2013 NFL Draft game that will keep Fantasy Football News cont »

Colin Kaepernick For Superbowl MVP


49ers vs Ravens Super Bowl

Colin Kaepernick’s signature celebration.

This sunday a 25 year old Colin Kaepernick will take the field as the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl game. He joins the likes of Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner as second year quarterbacks to make the Super Bowl. All three of these quarterbacks won in there first trip to the big game. Maybe its a perceived lack of pressure or maybe its just beginner’s luck but it seems that young QB’s do not suffer a Super Bowl learning curve. Each of these QBs has their own story- from Brady stepping in for an injured Drew Bledsoe to Kurt Warner making his way from the Arena Football League to captain of the greatest show on turf or Ben Roethlisberger dropping in the draft and landing on a Super Bowl contending team. These stories were told in full but Kaepernick story seems to be lost in the mess of other Super Bowl stories like the tale of two Harbaughs, Ray Lewis’ final ride, Randy Moss as the greatest receiver ever, or Alex Smith watching from the side line.

It is my opinion that the San Francisco 49ers’ will win the Super Bowl and Colin Kaepernick will be named Super Bowl MVP; so, I wanted to take a minute to look at all the stars that had to align to put Colin Kaepernick in this unlikely situation. Fantasy Football News cont »

Super Bowl and Pro Bowl Fantasy Games and Predictions

super bowl fantasy footballThere might be no harder game to predict in sports then the NFL all-star game. Some players see this game as a three hour annoyance in a other wise great vacation, while others like say Brandon Marshal treat the game as a person showcase. After the terrible effort shown at last years Pro Bowl commissioner Rodger Goodell threatened to cancel the event due to a lack of effort shown by the players. If that wasn’t motivating enough seeing an old vet like Peyton Manning calling for a better game should rally the teams to put out a better effort. Here are my predictions for Pro-bowl MVP.


BCS Bowl Game Recap

There was plenty that we learned while watching the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) games this past bowl season.

First, the road to the national championship still runs through the SEC. With Alabama’s victory Monday night, the SEC has now won the last seven BCS championships.